Learn Best Practices for Managing Laboratory Chemical Inventory

One of the biggest challenges to the lab is out of control chemical inventory. Material isn't where it should be. There's not enough for research. Inventory reports aren't correct. When chemical inventory reports are inaccurate and research materials aren't available, the entire lab suffers.

ChemSW's white paper, Best Practices for Managing Chemical Inventory, examines best practices that optimize chemical inventory workflows to ensure accurate inventory data.

Find out how to:

  • Optimize chemical inventory management activities
  • Ensure accurate real-time chemical data
  • Integrate current MSDS with chemical inventory
  • Monitor expiration dates and chemical shelf-life in real-time
  • Automate Tier II, Fire Code, GHS reporting
  • Uncover opportunities for waste minimization and cost reduction
  • Increase the accuracy of reconciliations
  • Address regulatory requirements

White Paper Examines Chemical Management Activities

This best practices white paper examines the reasons why systems fail and why they succeed, as well as the true costs associated with chemical inventory management and cost savings that result when such a system is optimized for maximum effectiveness.

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